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Dear visitor,

          Those who have visited my pages regularly must have noted that little has changed over the last few years. This has two reasons which I would like to share with you.

The first is that I started the pages in 1995 with the idea to keep them as timeless as possible as well as politically neutral. Therewith, I didn't find much to add or adapt, other then the dates on the pages, this being the kind of falsification I don't like. The recent change in layout is the first structural change in three years.

Secondly I now no longer live on a houseboat after having lived there for nine years, so I haven't had any new houseboatexperiences recently to add to the site. Any experiences I've had in the last years on the boat would compromise the neutrality of my pages.

It would be the easiest thing to remove the pages because I don't have a direct link to (Amsterdam) houseboatliving anymore. The still growing number of visitors tell me that that would dissapoint about 20 people a day, so I choose to let the pages stay here.

In june 1999 I have sold my ship to a pair of good friends who did take on the enormous job of creating a true floating palace out of the 'Apolonia Maria', something I just didn't feel up to. Their experiences are on their website, be it only in Dutch. I wish them and all other houseboaters years of fun living on the water !

July 30th 2000

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